STAR Center

STAR Center


The STAR (Simulation, Teaching and Academic Research) Center offers “out of this world” learning experiences, in our virtual hospital or through our mobile outreach programs, to support Allegheny Health Network’s mission “to practice medicine, educate and conduct research as an integrated team of physicians, nurses and support professionals who are committed to improving the health of our patients.”

Our simulation specialists use the best practices in simulation to assist educators in the design and implementation of any type of course. These courses facilitate learning and enable the practice of vital skills in healthcare and in other settings - including interviewing, communication and teamwork. We also offer a broad array of task/partial body trainers for individual practitioners to perfect procedural skills.

If you are a healthcare practitioner, student, or aspiring student with a passion for learning, we invite you to come learn with us.

Our motto:  "I am still learning" – Michelangelo


The Simulation, Teaching, and Academic Research (STAR) Center at Allegheny Health Network is dedicated to excellence in patient care through the pursuit of lifelong learning, research, and innovation.


The vision of STAR is to provide a multidisciplinary simulation center where students, practitioners and members of the allied health community can practice and perfect their clinical skills to meet the needs of their patients, family and community they serve.

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