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Resource Nurse

Resource Nurse

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This three-hour course is intended for registered nurses who desire to advance to a resource nurse (charge nurse) role. This course content will inform nurses about the key elements of leadership, focusing primarily on skills that enable nurses to coordinate resources and achieve desired outcomes in patient care settings. Once completed, this course will enable the learner to sharpen critical thinking skills and provide safe and accurate clinical judgments during coordination of patient care.

Course facilitator: Maria Buchko

Dates to be determined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe key aspects of the environment in which nurses assume leadership roles and functions, and how the climate influences caregiving and management practice.
  2. Depict the transitions that nurses make – either temporarily or permanently – from the role of bedside caregiver to the role of charge nurse.
  3. Identify supervisory practices that promote good performance, workforce commitment and professional satisfaction.
  4. Identify key skills that nurses will want to develop to excel as leaders.
  5. Describe important interpersonal and coaching skills, such as communication, delegation, and feedback that promote mutual respect.