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Simulation Comes Alive

Simulation Comes Alive

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This two hour seminar is designed to introduce participants to the role of the standardized patient in simulation.  During this seminar the participants will have the opportunity, with guidance from a seasoned group of standardized patients, to learn how to incorporate standardized patients into their simulated clinical experience.


  • Introduction to the role of standardized patients in simulation
  • How to train standardized patients using the primary teaching method
  • Role playing

Learning Objectives

  • Define what a standardized patient is.
  • Recognize the role of the standardized patient in simulation.
  • Identify what the primary teaching method is and how it can be used in training standardized patients.
  • Analyze how to incorporate the standardized patient into a curriculum.
  • Demonstrate through role playing the effectiveness of standardized patients in simulation.

Expected Outcome

  • At the completion of this conference, the attendee should have an understanding of what a standardized patient is and how to incorporate the patient into a standardized clinical experience.


Healthcare professionals, administrators