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Patient Safety: One Room at a Time

Patient Safety: One Room at a Time

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This course is on clinical environment assessments and designed for all healthcare providers. There are three main components of this course: exploration of a virtual environment, a PowerPoint presentation, and then the re-exploration of the virtual environment.

Students begin the course by entering into a virtual clinical environment that is full of patient safety hazards. They are asked to document all of the hazards they can find. After the students have completed the assessment, they access a PowerPoint presentation on safety hazards. The presentation will unveil potential hazards as well as methods to circumvent them. After viewing the presentation, the students reenter the virtual clinical environments and again document all of the patient safety hazards they find. As students examine the room for the second time, it is expected they are able to locate more patient safety hazards.

Learning Objectives

  • Review best practices in patient safety
  • Assess a virtual patient hospital room
  • Identify safety errors utilizing critical thinking skills

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will be more cognizant of patient safety hazards in the clinical environment.
  • Students will be knowledgeable about how to circumvent the hazards.


  • All healthcare providers