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NSG 103 – Medical-Surgical Nursing

NSG 103 – Medical-Surgical Nursing

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Citizens School of Nursing

Nursing 103:  Medical-Surgical Nursing provides the student with opportunities to apply the nursing process in the care of individuals and families experiencing alterations in system stability related to the acute and chronic stressors associated with diabetes, basic cardiopulmonary disorders, renal, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal disorders.  It also provides the opportunity for the student to experiences evidence-based practice via the integration of nursing research. Diagnostic studies, pharmacology and nutritional concepts are integrated throughout the course. Nursing skills are introduced in a simulated learning lab and reinforced on various medical-surgical clinical units. The
nursing students have opportunities for clinical experience on medical-surgical inpatient units, orthopedic and telemetry inpatient units and in the peri-operative setting.  Community experiences are selected to expose the student to the role of the nurse in the various levels of prevention. (Prerequisites: Nursing 101 & 102).

Course Objectives

  • Discusses scientific knowledge, evidence-based nursing practice, creative problem solving strategies, basic concepts and theories of nursing care to meet the primary, secondary and tertiary needs of individuals, families and communities.
  • Demonstrates a beginning professional accountability through responsible, self-directed behavior consistent with the School of Nursing policies and ethical legal
    standards for medical-surgical nursing.
  • Discusses the application of the nursing process as it relates to the medical-surgical
  • Demonstrates principles of therapeutic communication in caring for individuals/families with medical-surgical conditions.
  • Functions as a member of the interdisciplinary team in the care of medical-surgical