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Blended learning courses (online and onsite)

Contact the STAR Center to register for one of these courses at  or 412 578-7827.

  • Central Line Training
  • Fire in the OR
  • Hand off Communication Don’t Drop the Ball
  • Intravenous Catheter Insertion
  • Introduction to LapMentor
  • Medication Safety
  • Mock Anesthesia/ OR Set Up/ Gas Machine Check/ IV Insertion Lab
  • Orthopedic Intern Simulation Conference
  • Pain Institute Simulated Emergencies
  • Patient Safety: One Room At a Time
  • Periop 101
  • Simulation OnBoarding Series
    • STARTS Course
    • Prebriefing and Debriefing 3.0
    • Realism in Simulation
    • Scenario Development Series

Course Description

This course immerses learners in experiential simulated leadership rounding scenarios in a virtual clinical setting. Learners will gain an understanding of how purposeful leadership rounding can positively impact our organization and enhance safety, quality and customer service. This interactive course will provide a series of realistic patient-centered scenarios that will validate the learners’ ability to effectively communicate and deal with complex healthcare issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss ways to improve communication and leadership skills with patients/families and staff members using Allegheny Health Network Core Behaviors.
  • Identify experiences encountered by a patient during hospitalization through active participation in simulated clinical experiences.
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to participate in a live interactive simulated scenario of a leadership rounding experience.
  • Demonstrate the ability to actively debrief using good judgement in a structured debriefing process.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this session learners will:

  • Gain a perspective on what a patient experiences during a hospital admission.
  • Identify the positive impact leadership rounding has on an organization.
  • Effectively critique a simulated leadership rounding scenario through structured debriefing.
  • Utilize effective communication skills to facilitate leadership rounding in a virtual clinical setting.

Course Design


  • Review of research article (will be sending citation) based on best practices associated with leadership rounding.
  • Administer an online learning needs assessment to each participant to gain perspective into what leadership rounding means to them.
  • Data from the online learning needs assessment will be used to create customized simulated scenarios based on learners’ perspectives.

Curriculum of Live Session at STAR Center- 4 hour session with dates and times to be determined

Throughout the leadership rounding course, the learner will be immersed into interactive simulations.

First Hour:

  • Pre survey
  • Introduction to simulation
  • A Day in My Life: Experiences of Patients/Families and Staff

Second Hour:

  • Observe and analyze live leadership rounding scenarios.
  • Structured debriefing of live events facilitated by a STAR Center Education Specialists.

Third Hour

Simulated leadership rounding scenario in the virtual hospital setting.

Four Hour:

  • Group debriefing of the simulated leadership rounds.
  • Post survey
  • Questions and answer sessions