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EMS Instructor Training Academy

EMS Instructor Training Academy

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This course focuses on training methods that will allow the instructor to transfer theoretical and clinical knowledge to the students. This course is intended to develop the essential skills needed for instructional design, delivery, and evaluation. The purpose of this course is to ensure individual competence in each student instructor by successfully completing course objectives and requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the principles of adult learning theory and incorporate this theory into teaching.
  • Explain various student learning styles and develop strategies within the curriculum to meet individual learning styles.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write measurable learning objectives.
  • Recognize the essential components of a lesson plan.
  • Explain active learning principles of adult teaching and demonstrate the ability to incorporate these strategies into the curriculum.
  • Develop various presentation skills, including simulation as a teaching and learning tool to enhance the application of theory to the clinical setting.
  • Discuss the importance of professionalism in daily practice.


  • Emergency medical services personnel who have the qualifications necessary to be trained as instructors