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Skills and Techniques of Phlebotomy

Skills and Techniques of Phlebotomy

Skills and Techniques of Phlebotomy

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This 3-hour course is designed to teach the novice learner, or practitioners in need of a refresher course,  proper skills and techniques for phlebotomy. The curriculum content includes an extensive review of the blood collection system, including the significance of various laboratory tests, use of specific collection tubes, and the proper procedure to preserve a collected sample. A video demonstration is utilized as a resource on the proper technique of blood collection from an adult patient. The opportunity for hands-on practice using live "patients" as well as mannequins is provided.

Learning Objectives

At the

end of this 3-hour course, the participant will:

  1. Demonstrate the correct phlebotomy procedure.
  2. Describe methodologies for collection of blood samples using appropriate collection tubes.
  3. Adequately perform phlebotomy on an adult mannequin.
  4. Discuss the responsibilities of the practitioner during a phlebotomy procedure.


  • All healthcare providers