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Periop 1

Periop 1

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This online education course is designed for both novice perioperative nurses and those returning to the practice after an extended absence. The curriculum consist of 27 learning modules and takes up to 6 months to complete, allowing RNs to earn 41.7 continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours. Periop 101 is designed to be used in combination with a clinical preceptorship and a hands-on practicum.

Learning Objectives

  • State the three zones of a surgical suite and the areas within each zone
  • Describe the appropriate attire worn by all staff members within the three zones
  • Explain the rationale for wearing hospital-laundered surgical attire versus home laundered surgical attire
  • Discuss the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air exchanges within the surgical environment
  • Identify the different surgical team members and their roles during a surgical procedure
  • Compare the roles and duties of the scrub person and the circulating registered nurse
  • Identify the ancillary support personnel and their roles in the daily functions of the surgical suite
  • List the basic furniture and equipment necessary in every OR suite
  • Discuss movement around the OR and traffic control during a surgical procedure


  • Registered nurses interested working in OR