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NSG 201 Acute Health Alterations of the Adult

NSG 201 Acute Health Alterations of the Adult

NSG 201 Acute Health Alterations of the Adult

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West Penn Hospital School of Nursing

NSG 201:  Acute Health Alterations of the Adult  is a 10-week course that focuses on clinical judgment with the adult client faced with acute complex medical-surgical and psychiatric health alterations. A holistic approach to client care is emphasized as crisis theory is applied in clinical situations. All levels of prevention are included, with primary and secondary prevention activities receiving emphasis. Communication principles focus on assisting the client to cope with acute crisis situations. Legal/ethical issues are explored as they relate to managing acute medical-surgical and psychiatric crises. Prioritization skills are further developed as the impact of crisis situations is examined, utilizing actual clinical scenarios as well as the simulation center. Clinical experiences reflect acute complex needs of clients in critical-care and psychiatric-mental health units. An advanced  cardiac life support (ACLS) course is provided in the final week of the term.

Learning Objectives

  • Respond appropriately during first 5 minutes of cardiac arrest.
  • Analyze various cardiac arrhythmias, provide first line treatment via ACLS protocol, and discuss client care.
  • Provide intubation/airway management.
  • Correctly administer IV push medications, change dressings, and obtain blood cultures from central lines.


  • West Penn Hospital School of Nursing students