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NSG 202 Chronic Health Alterations of the Adult

NSG 202 Chronic Health Alterations of the Adult

NSG 202 Chronic Health Alterations of the Adult

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West Penn Hospital School of Nursing

NSG 202:  Chronic Health Alterations of the Adult is a 10-week course that introduces concepts and principles of rehabilitation. Tertiary prevention measures are stressed throughout the course. The client's lifestyle and potential for rehabilitation are analyzed using principles of holistic care. Nursing care decisions relate to promoting health in adult clients who have chronic complex medical-surgical health alterations. Communication within the nurse-client relationship focuses on assisting the client in coping with lifestyle changes resulting in chronic illness. The concept of the interdisciplinary team approach to health care is explored. Legal/ethical issues related to measures are stressed throughout the course. Principles of case management are introduced. The clinical component includes providing care for clients with chronic complex health concerns. Students have experiences in clinical settings, which include medical, surgical, oncology, Alzheimer unit, and a rehabilitation center.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the role of biological, psychological, interpersonal, and sociocultural factors in the development and management of lifestyle-altering chronic illness.
  • Identify common client problems associated with chronic illness.
  • Identify coping strategies appropriate to address the unique needs of clients confronting chronic illness.
  • Recognize the role of rehabilitation and case management in the care of the client with a chronic illness.
  • Identify factors affecting client's adaptation and/or rehabilitation related to chronic illness.
  • Identify hospital and community resources that assist the client/family coping with chronic illness and resultant lifestyles changes.
  • Utilize the nursing process in the care of clients across the adult lifespan who require adaptations in lifestyle secondary to chronic illness.


  • West Penn Hospital School of Nursing students