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NSG 301 Health and the Childbearing Family

NSG 301 Health and the Childbearing Family

NSG 301 Health and the Childbearing Family

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West Penn Hospital School of Nursing

NSG 301:  Health and the Childbearing Family is a 10-week course that focuses on health and the developing family. A major emphasis in the course is the analysis of the reciprocal relationship between the family and the developing individual. The roles of family members are analyzed in relation to structure and function of various types of families. Clinical judgment relates to implementing the nursing process for the childbearing family and includes all phases of perinatal care and care of the developing child from infancy to adolescence. Principles of holistic care are applied to analyze the impact of the family on the developing individual. Change theory is used to describe the effects of change on the individual and family as it develops. Health education receives major emphasis as a tool in promoting health of the family at all levels of prevention. Communication skills are developed as the student interacts with the individual and family members in various stages of development. The role of the nurse in responding to legal/ethical issues related to the childbearing family is explored. The labor and delivery unit, family centered care (mother-baby) unit, neonatal intensive care unit, antepartal unit, clinics, and pediatric units serve as the clinical sites for providing student exposure to healthcare needs of developing families. Clinical simulation and case studies are used to enhance the students' understanding of obstetric and pediatric principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Relate the nursing process to meet the healthcare needs of the developing family.
  • Apply legal/ethical principles as they relate to the unborn child, the birthing process, and health of children.
  • Analyze personal, multidisciplinary, and family interactions when meeting needs of the childbearing family.
  • Incorporate health education principles to optimize the health of the family.
  • Analyze the holistic effect of the family on the health of the developing individual.
  • Discover the change process as it relates to individuals, families, and healthcare.


  • West Penn Hospital School of Nursing students