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Standardized and Simulated Patient Program

Standardized and Simulated Patient Program

The STAR Center introduces - our Standardized and Simulated Patient (SP) program. The use of SPs is becoming the gold standard for health-care education. An SP is defined as a person who has been carefully trained to simulate an actual patient so that the simulation cannot be detected by a skilled clinician. SPs allow students the opportunity to practice history taking skills, communication skills, physical findings, emotional and personality characteristics as well as body language and other simulated exercises. SPs are used to provide a safe and supportive environment conducive for learning or standardized assessment. They can serve as practice models or participate in sophisticated assessment and feedback of learners abilities. Because the STAR Center is a virtual hospital we offer a unique format to train health care professionals using our SP program.

The STAR Standardized Patient program can be used by members of the healthcare team for training as well as other fields including, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Allied Health Professions, and the field of Business. The use of simulation allows professionals to learn new techniques in a safe environment prior to more consequential physician/patient interactions.

The scenarios that you can create are only limited by your imagination. Think out of the box, be creative, and have fun with your project. There is nothing that our team cannot replicate. We will help you every step of the way in planning your experience and bringing it to reality.

We invite you to participate in our SP program at the STAR Center. We feel this program takes us to the next level in medical education. For a tour of our facility please email:

“I love your facility. Very useful, extremely responsive to our needs, very accommodating with pleasant staff. Thank you for being here.”   – Taffe’s OSCE course, MD/DO resident