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Virtual Hospital Setting

Virtual Hospital Setting

Virtual Hospital at the STAR CenterAcross the street from West Penn Hospital in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh, STAR’s virtual hospital offers unparalleled educational experiences to healthcare students and learners at all levels.

With initial funding through a generous grant from the Highmark Foundation and donations to the West Penn Hospital Foundation, the Simulation, Teaching and Academic Research (STAR) Center opened its Medical-Surgical Unit in September 2007. The nurses station and fully equipped patient care bays house state-of-the-art mannikins that can be programmed to simulate a universe of health conditions.

In fact, SimMan 3G – a highly advanced mannikin that bleeds, breathes, sweats, and cries – can even voice pain, or gratitude for comforting care.

“I like the STAR simulation. It gives you a ‘real life’ experience and that helps decrease anxiety when you are in a real situation.”   – West Penn Hospital Nurse