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This course is designed for the novice learner or practitioner in need of a refresher course on the techniques of phlebotomy, ECG testing and measuring and recording accurate vital signs. The curriculum content includes a didactic session followed by hands on simulation practice. During this course, the participant will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the proper procedure and equipment needed to accurately perform these procedures.

Primary audience: ASRI employees (Clinical Nurse Coordinators).

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate proficiency in laboratory specimen collection.
  • Implement best practices.
  • Discuss plan of care in the case of an accidental needle stick.
  • Identify the necessary equipment to obtain vital signs.
  • Demonstrate proper procedures in obtaining a heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, SpO2, and blood pressure.
  • Demonstrate proper ECG lead placement.
  • Explain the purposes for documentation.
  • Satisfy legal and practice standards for documentation.

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