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Coronavirus Vaccine

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Things are moving very quickly with the vaccine, and information seems to be changing daily. For updates on vaccine eligibility and answers on safety, take a look at our FAQ page.


Emergency Medicine Simulation Series

The purpose of this course is to educate emergency medicine residents on how to manage illnesses and apply proper procedures to critical ill patients within an emergency department setting.

Emergency medicine residents are immersed into simulation scenarios that review how to handle life-threatening medical conditions such as respiratory distress and endocrine emergencies. The residents practice skills like intubation and chest tube insertion within a virtual emergency room setting. This allows emergency medicine resident to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate proper intubation techniques
  • Evaluate emergency medicine resident management of critical respiratory illnesses
  • Improve communication between medical specialties
  • Demonstrate chest tube insertion
  • Assess and manage patients with endocrine emergencies

Expected outcomes

  • Demonstrate proper management of critically ill patients within the emergency department


  • Emergency Medicine Residents

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