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Fire In The OR

This course is designed to teach employees proper policy-aligned responses to fires that erupt in the operating room (OR). Staff members will learn how to appropriately react to four types of OR fires; airway, surgical drape, trash can, and a fire in an adjacent operating room. Participants will take a pretest, navigate through a PowerPoint presentation, watch four hybrid simulation scenario videos and then take a posttest. After completion of online course work, participants will participant in interactive operating room scenarios that will review procedures related to how to handle a surgical fire.

This training technique teaches team members competencies that are essential for team coordination and skill integration. Such competencies include mutual performance monitoring, backup behavior, feedback communication, and interpersonal relations.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the locations where a fire may occur
  • Identify the three components of the fire triangle
  • Identify fire prevention interventions
  • Describe the fire risk assessment tool


  • All AHN staff who work in the operating room

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