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Lifeflight Education Series

The LifeFlight Education Series is a compilation of the following three courses to teach LifeFlight nurses important airway management, birthing, and life-support skills:
  • Advanced/Difficult Airway Simulation
  • Birthing Simulation
  • Prehospital Life Support Renewal Course
  • Advanced/Difficult Airway Simulation

During this course, instructors use the Laerdal SimMan to simulate difficult airway scenarios. LifeFlight nurses will demonstrate ventilation/intubation of SimMan who exhibits signs and symptoms of trismus and spinal inflexibility.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of this course, LifeFlight nurses should be able to:

  • Recognize obstructions to easy intubation
  • Use Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) to successfully intubate SimMan

Birthing simulation

During this course, the Gaumard Birthing Noelle will be utilized to simulate the birthing process. LifeFlight nurses will:

  • Recognize when a delivery is imminent and when to use specific supplies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of primary and secondary survey
  • Perform emergency life-saving treatment in a systemic manner


  • LifeFlight nurses

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