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Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

About the program

Program Director: Indu Poornima, MD, FACC
Associate Program Director: Maria Patarroyo Aponte, MD
Accreditation: ACGME
Program Length: 3 years (PGY4-PGY6)
Fellows per year: 6

Given the diversity of career paths now available within cardiology, this 3-year fellowship is structured to meet the needs of trainees with varied long-term objectives. Thus, the program provides a strong set of core clinical experiences and didactic programs in all areas of cardiology as well as large blocks of elective time that can be devoted to research and/or in-depth training in one or more subspecialty areas.

In addition to our 3-year (PGY4-PGY6) Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program, we offer two fourth-year (PGY7) fellowship programs:


The mission of our Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program is to set the standards of excellence by offering an outstanding experience that thoroughly prepares the trainees for leadership careers in any facet of cardiology- clinical or academic.

To accomplish this, our program draws on the expertise and strong teaching commitment of large full-time and voluntary teaching faculties, a large stream of patients from western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, superb resources for tertiary-care cardiology, and extensive research resources.

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