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Fellows Wellness and Program Testimonials

AHN Cardiology fellowship is committed to supporting the professional, emotional, physical and social well-being for our fellows.
Fellows wellness

We believe it’s important to build resilience, and find meaning and joy in our work. We continue to achieve this by planning fellows social events such as basketball games and dinner parties. We have developed a wellness curriculum and we provide resources and training on stress management, burnout recognition, and resilience.

Fellows wellness


“Education and training is one of the core missions of the Cardiovascular Institute (CVI). Our fellows are very important, valued members of our CVI team, and because of them, our environment is intellectually stimulating, our patients receive better care, and our entire CVI community is enriched. It therefore comes as no surprise that several fellowship alumni have joined our faculty over the years to help train the next generation of AHN cardiologists”

-Srinivas Murali, MD Faculty

“I have enjoyed being part of the AGH family. I chose AGH because it’s a complete program in all aspects of general cardiology covered with exposure to a busy consult service, multimodality imaging, advanced HF and a complex critical care CCU unit. These things make you ready to tackle everything when you go out in to the real world. Also, the exposure and opportunities in HF and Cath lab to deal with complex patients helps nurture the interest of trainees interested in pursuing those branches. The best part of the fellowship has been the people whom you work with. They treat you with respect and thoughtfulness and encourage discussion, dialogue and debate making this journey fun and knowledgeable.”

-Kartikeya Kashyap, MD First Year Fellow

“AGH is a great hospital with excellent faculty members who are really engaged in teaching and making us the best we can be. The volume and pathology rivals most institutions, yet the environment is collegial and welcoming.”

-Tyler Moore, MD First Year Fellow

“Work/life balance is really great. I have had fun learning and coming to work each day. The faculty, fellows, and staff all get along extremely well, which creates a great work environment.”

-Michael Popeck, MD First Year Fellow

“I came to AGH from Connecticut for my cardiology fellowship and I'd love to share why. I think ours is a very complete program in terms of training. Our interventional, heart failure, electrophysiology, and cardiac imaging are all very sophisticated; we do every advanced procedure there is in cardiology. We are a transplant and referral center, and hence see a wide spectrum of cases. I enjoy the case complexity of our patients and feel that I benefit a lot from this exposure as a trainee. Last but not least, everyone in our fellowship is very supportive and friendly- this collegiality is very important to me and makes me derive that much more pleasure from my work.”

-Kushani Gajjar, MD First Year Fellow

“At AGH, our fellowship offers the tools to become confident, experienced, and productive young cardiologists.”

-Anita Radhakrishnan, MD Faculty

“I am humbled by the opportunity to work alongside talented, intelligent, and inspiring colleagues in every sub-specialty.”

-Victor Farah, MD Faculty

“The culture at AGH is supportive, adaptive, and encouraging of new ideas. We are always challenging ourselves to be better and open to evolve, from how we operate the fellowship to how we deliver care.”

-Farhan Katchi, MD Faculty