Endocrinology Fellowship

Program Director: Patricia Bononi, MD
Accreditation: ACGME
Program Length: 2 years (PGY4-5)
Fellows per year: 2

About the program

Our 2-year endocrinology fellowship program fully prepares trainees for board certification in endocrinology. Our main training site is Allegheny General Hospital, which has an international reputation for excellence and innovation in education, research, and patient care. Integration with a broad range of specialists and support services, including a Center for Diabetes, the Jho Neuroscience Institute, integrated medicine specialists, bariatric surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, lends to a training experience that is thorough and enlightened and truly facilitates the competency of system-based practice.
The program stresses the role of endocrinologists as consultants and the need to establish the skills necessary to communicate effectively with referring physicians. Every aspect of training includes the cultivation of an attitude of skepticism and inquiry and a dedication to continuing education that will remain with the fellows throughout their professional careers.

About Graduate Medical Education

The Endocrinology Fellowship program is part of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) opportunities offered by the AHN Medical Education Consortium. Learn more about Graduate Medical Education.

Contact us

Cindy Salopek

Program Coordinator

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Endocrinology Fellowship Program
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