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PGY - 3

Adesh Vohora

Adesh Vohora, M.D.

Saint James School of Medicine 

Hometown:  Prince Rupert, BC Canada

Hobbies: Working out (CrossFit), Hanging with my dog Kylo, Traveling

Why St. Vincent: Caring Faculty, Sports Medicine opportunities, unopposed program

Favorite Memory: Intern Retreat, Halloween Party

Favorite things about Erie: Easy commute to work with everything you need in a city to enjoy residency, skiing in winter and beach in summer

Plans after Residency: Sports Medicine Fellowship 

Grant Perry

Grant Perry, M.D.

U of Texas Medical Branch

Hometown: Austin, TX

Hobbies: Gym, Soccer, Board/Video games

Why St. Vincent: Strong inpatient experience, supportive environment, engaged faculty, Sports Medicine emphasis, and tons of flexibility to pursue your own interests

Favorite Memory: Intern Retreat at Holiday Valley with skiing, board games, and way too much food

Favorite things about Erie: Fresh snow, scenery, and Festivals!

Plans after Residency: Primary Care 

Svetlana Feytser

Svetlana Feytser, D.O.

College of Osteo. Med of the Pacific

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Hobbies: Spending the day with my family, baking, gardening, traveling or road tripping to new places to explore, trying new restaurants

Why St. Vincent: While interviewing at St. Vincent, I felt that this was a place I would fit into. The attendings and staff are eager to teach and help shape you into an exceptional physician. They were not just looking for who you are on paper, but also the personality. Your colleague residents become your friends and there is a feel of family. They really rally together to help each other out during difficult times. Sometimes when you know, you know.

Favorite Memory: Intern Retreat at a skiing town, it was fun to spend time with fellow interns just getting to know them and have a fun time.

Favorite thing about Erie: 4 seasons, all the snow, beautiful area, no traffic

Plans after Residency: Combination of hospitalist and outpatient primary care. I am also considering a fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan Nguyen, M.D.

U of Oklahoma College of Med. 

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, gym, food adventures

Why St. Vincent: Unopposed program, residents and faculty are 2nd to none

Favorite Memory: Jeopardy sessions (yes they're very competitive!)

Favorite thing about Erie: Presque Isle, local Pubs

Plans after Residency: Sports Medicine Fellowship 

Christina Yang

Christina Yang, M.D.

University of Texas SOM

PGY - 2

Neda Danniel, M.D.

Neda Danniel, M.D.


Hometown: Harford, PA

Hobbies: NFL, Fifa,  running, baking, home renovation, recreational sports, sewing/embroidery/knitting/ crochet

Why St. Vincent: SVFM has a very supportive and available faculty. Among the residents there is a true camaraderie and friendship throughout. SVFM's unopposed program is an undeniable benefit. While inpatient heavy, I can't imagine a better way to develop an extensive varied skill set needed for a full service practice such as rural medicine. After residency here, a graduate will be well prepared regardless of setting, local or pursuit of fellowship. Joining SVFM is knowing you'll be ready to start your independent career. 

Favorite Memory: Many fond memories from events but the moments when you're having a rough time and a fellow resident makes everything better are the moments to remember.

Favorite thing about Erie: Particularly when the trees are glazed, the water and sky have that cold icy winter look, and the beach is snow swept. 

Plans after Residency: Outpatient practice encompassing care from contraception to death, procedures, women's health, and care of athletes/sports injuries in a rural Pennsylvania setting.

Ryan Flick, M.D.

Ryan Flick, M.D.

Geisinger Commonwealth

Hometown: Johnstown, PA

Hobbies: Golf, watching sports

Why St. Vincent: Easy, the people. It's such a welcoming, caring environment, fun with residents and attendings

Favorite Memory: Resident gift exchange and Christmas party

Favorite thing about Erie: Presque Isle, Breweries, nearby slopes

Plans after Residency: Outpatient Medicine with plans for Leadership 

Joy Ge, M.D.

Joy Ge, M.D.

LK SOM, Temple University

Hometown: Jinan, China

Hobbies: Anime, cooking, vicariously owning a cat

Why St. Vincent: The people are honest, down-to-earth, and some of my closest friends

Favorite Memory: Playing Oven Mitts at the resident holiday party

Favorite thing about Erie: They have a lot of good restaurants

Plans after Residency: Mental Health Fellowship, then outpatient care 

Daniel Lan, M.D.

Daniel Lan, M.D.

U of Miami School of Medicine

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Hobbies: Road and Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Super Smash Brothers, Cosplay, and cooking

Why St. Vincent: The strong sense of community. Everyone knows each other in the hospital. People help each other out without judgement. One moment you could be treating an unstable ICU patient and the next you could be smiling and trading your favorite pie recipes with the same team (obviously after getting all your orders and documentation done). Being the primary residency program with limited competition with other specialty residencies, you will work with and learn directly from attending specialists, which will help build your ability to practice the complete spectrum of comprehensive family practice.

Favorite Memory: Belting karaoke at a Halloween party with my co-residents

Favorite thing about Erie: The 4 season climate, exploring the natural features of the area, very affordable and safe, 3 large metropolitan cities nearby 

Plans after Residency: Private Practice Primary Care & Sports Medicine 

Mary Lasher, D.O.

Mary Lasher, D.O.


Hometown: Erie, PA

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, comic books, movies, cross-stitching.

Why St. Vincent: Originally from Erie, rotated as a student at St. Vincent's and had an amazing experience, top notch education.

Favorite Memory: It's actually from when I was a student - I had an OBGYN rotation at an outside hospital where I had the bad luck of not seeing any deliveries. While on my Internal Medicine rotation with the Family Medicine services, one of the residents had a pre-natal continuity patient come in in-labor. He was gracious enough to let me stay to watch the delivery. It ended up being an all-night affair, which was my first experience in a hospital overnight, and the moment the baby was delivered was something I will never forget.

Favorite thing about Erie: Nature, beautiful and relaxing area

Plans after Residency: Combination inpatient/outpatient primary care setting with acupuncture and integrative medicine.  

Brian Pickering, D.O.

Brian Pickering, D.O.


Hometown: Chebanse, IL

Hobbies: Kayaking, Volleyball, playing guitar

Why St. Vincent: Full coverage of pediatrics, medicine, and obstetrics. The people and community.

Favorite Memory: Getting engaged 2 months after starting residency

Favorite thing about Erie: Presque Isle sunsets, lake and beach

Plans after Residency: Move to Africa for global health 

PGY - 1

Stefano Castagnola, M.D.

Stefano Castagnola, M.D.

Jefferson Medical College

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies: Guitar, soccer, snowboarding, video, biking, board games

Why St Vincent: Large patient population with a great community vibe

Favorite Memory: Doing a knee examination on an older lady, palpating posterior fossa and she screamed. Naturally, I screamed too. Turns out it just tickled.

Favorite thing about Erie: Pepperoni balls, the other residents

Plans after Residency: OB Fellowship 

Brendan Dempsey, M.D.

Brendan Dempsey, M.D.

Dartmouth Medical School

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Hobbies: Fishing, playing football and soccer

Why St. Vincent: Close knit group of residents and faculty

Favorite Memory: Orientation scavenger hunt

Favorite thing about Erie: Beautiful area, close proximity to major cities without the hassle of being in a large city

Plans after Residency: Sports Medicine Fellowship 

Christopher Eby, M.D.

Christopher Eby, M.D.

U of Texas Medical School

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Hobbies: Spending time with my family (wife and 3 kids), martial arts/boxing, snowboarding

Favorite thing about Erie: Little traffic, local farms and wineries

Plans after Residency: Sports Medicine Fellowship 

Jason Latsky, M.D.

Jason Latsky, M.D.

SGU School of Medicine

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hobbies: Watching anime, gaming, dreaming up new ways technology can improve our lives

Why St. Vincent: Supportive, unopposed program, with the ability to practice full spectrum family medicine. A diverse patient population. The program listens to residents. Residents are fun and encouraging.

Favorite Memory: Learning that I was NOT the best at Super Smash Bros out of our class.

Favorite thing about Erie: A small town vibe (in a town that is REALLY not that small)

Plans after Residency: I plan to explore my options as a Sports Medicine Fellow in the field of digital e-sports, and also possibly getting some Emergency Room experience as well! 

Vincent Ngo, M.D.

Vincent Ngo, M.D.

SGU School of Medicine 

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, cooking and trying new dishes, trying new beers

Why St. Vincent: The people, everyone at the program gets along well, supportive, banter between residents

Favorite Memory: Multiple birthday cakes for a resident's birthday

Favorite thing about Erie: Beautiful area, close proximity to major cities without the hassle of being in a large city

Plans after Residency: Sports Medicine Fellowship 

Michelle Xu, M.D.

Michelle Xu, M.D.


Hometown: New York City, NY

Hobbies: Air-frying veggies, long road trips for good food, going to music festivals

Why St. Vincent: Strong OB experience throughout all 3 years due to unopposed FM curriculum, Elk Valley rural clinic track, strong support system and camaraderie amongst residents

Favorite Memory: Independently delivering a baby during the first hour of my first call shift of residency!

Favorite thing about Erie: Pressed books & coffee shop, Whole foods Co-op store, Presque Isle Channel Lighthouse, variety of local farmer's markets, always being <15 minutes away from the shoreline of Lake Erie

Plans after Residency: Obstetrics Fellowship 

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