General Surgery Residency

Program Director: Alan Murdock, MD
Accreditation: ACGME
Program Length:
1 year (PGY1)
Categorical: 5 years (PGY1-5)
Residents per year:
Preliminary: 8 to 10

About the program

The primary goal of our General Surgery Residency Program is to prepare the resident to function as an independent and highly competent practitioner of surgery who will become board-certified through the American Board of Surgery. 

Our categorical academic program is strongly weighted in clinical experience. Over the past 5 years, about two thirds of our graduates chose to enter a fellowship program and one third started to practice general surgery following their residency training.

Our organization and faculty strive to provide an outstanding training program and learning environment and we are proud that our graduates are prepared for leadership roles in high-quality academic and clinical programs across the nation.

To meet this goal, the guidelines provided by the Resident Review Committee for General Surgery are followed. All graduating residents must acquire the following six general competencies:

  • Patient care including technical skill that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health
  • Medical knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological, and social-behavioral sciences and the application of this knowledge to patient care
  • Practice-based learning and improvement that involves the constant investigation and evaluation of their own patient care and appraisal and assimilation of scientific evidence to continue to improve patient care throughout their entire professional careers
  • Interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective information exchange and collaboration with patients, their families and other health professionals.
  • Professionalism as manifested through a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to diverse patient populations
  • System-based practice as manifested by actions that demonstrate an awareness of a responsiveness to the larger context and system of healthcare and the ability to effectively call on system resources to provide care that is of optimal value

The attainment of all six competencies, and particularly patient care, will be evaluated and closely monitored by the surgical staff for all residents, at all levels, through all rotations.

Clinical knowledge base will be evaluated on all rotations by resident performance under close faculty supervision.

Satisfactory attainment of formal medical knowledge competency may be demonstrated by either scoring at the 30th percentile or above on the yearly American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE) or by completing a formal remediation program and passing an additional examination.

About Graduate Medical Education

The General Surgery Residency program is part of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) opportunities offered by the AHN Medical Education Consortium. Learn more about Graduate Medical Education.

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General Surgery Residency
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Medical students

A fourth-year medical school rotation through our General Surgery Department or subspecialty elective is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please click here.