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Expanded eligibility: Anyone age 12 and older can now schedule and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


Current residents

Class of 2021

Arthur Johnson, MD
Kelly Krupa, MD
Kristin Krupa, MD
Mohamad Rassoul Abu-Nuwar, MD
Patrick Regan, DO
Mandy Rice, DO

Class of 2022

Jose Alonso Escalante, MD
James Babowice, DO
Steven Ballesteros, MD
Elizabeth Blears, MD
Brendan Hagerty, MD
Melissa Hetrick, DO
Hillary Simon, DO

Class of 2023

Sarah Assali, DO
Samantha Falls, DO
Oliver Knoell, MD
Cody McGee, MD
Jenna Rimko, DO
Zachary Spigel, MD
Shinichiro Yokota, MD

Class of 2024

Brian Chen, MD
David Habib, MD
Nicholas Lombardi, MD
Conor Maxwell, DO
Sefali Patel, DO
Julia Solomina, MD
Paige Tannhauser, MD

Class of 2025

Sara Burki, MD
Kevin Chien, MD
Christos Mouzakitis, MD
Schae Saravitz, MD
James Shahoud, DO
Tiffany Wilkins, MD

Class of 2021 - Prelim PGY 1

Joshua Acosta, MD
Patrick Ballman, DO
Daniel Brynien, MD
Cory Demino, MD
Brad Ziapour, MD

Residents on research

Mark Barlek, DO
Philip Bauer, MD
Abdulrahaman Hammad, MD
Pavan Rao, MD
Stanley Wolfe, MD


An important consideration for many applying to a general surgery residency is the opportunities available upon completion. In fact, one the best markers of a residency program is the success of its graduates.

In addition to training skilled general surgeons, our program is proud that more than 50% of our graduates continue their training in a specialized area of surgery. Our chief residents routinely secure diverse fellowship positions, as demonstrated by the following list of recent graduates' initial positions after their chief residency:

Class of 2020

Nicholas Bailey, MD
Richard Cheek, MD
Benjamin Cragun, MD
Ashley Hill, MD
Matthew Shaheen, MD
Guirguiss Tadros, MD

Class of 2019

Stephanie Cerrone, DO
Laura Chanlatte de los Santos, MD
Alexandra Falvo, MD
Tamara Floyd, MD
Omar Hashmi, MD
Isaac Kriley, MD
Guirguiss Tadros, MD

Class of 2018

Ravi Ambani, MD
Robert Brookover, MD
David Aaron Guel, MD
Johnathan Levy, MD
Joseph Sorg, MD

Class of 2017

Wade Berger, DO
Lou Capecci, MD
Kellen Hayes, MD
Derek Ornelas, MD
Meredith Witten, MD

Class of 2016

Michael Archer, DO
Yohey Hashimoto, MD
Rick Mai, MD
Zachary Peckler, MD
Jennifer Rittenhouse-Puhak, MD
Rachel Tindall, MD

Class of 2015

Linda Bergal
Amanda Celii
Mark Crye
Benedict Leung
Michael Stellmaker
Wesley Vosburg

Class of 2014

Tara Grahovac
Kelly Wanamaker
Jennifer Chen
Edward Vilella
Jacquelyn Palmer
Vanessa Papalazaros

Class of 2013

Shahab Akvan
Collin Conway
Nicole Figel
Victoria Lee
William Nelson
Natasha St. Germain

Class of 2012

Phoebe Abraham
Eric Boyle
Elizabeth Dovec
Jared Murdock
John Rutkoski
Tae-Ho Song

Class of 2011

George Nassif
J. Ryan Rice
Irene Tower
Casey Yossa

Class of 2010

Chad J. Carlton
Michael S. Cowher
Pablo G. Giuseppucci
Gregory S. Huang
Justin K. Nelms
Deane E. Smith, III

Class of 2009

Elizabeth L. Detschelt
James E. Kasiewicz
Soumya Neravetla
Jitesh A. Patel
Geoffrey B. Pelz
Majed Y. Sarouf-Maalouf

Class of 2008

Brian M. Goodman
Deane E. Smith, III
Jason R. Kasza
Greta L. Piper