Medical Physics Residency – Therapeutic Radiological Physics


A career in radiation oncology physics starts with a clinical training
 the program which will prepare the medical physicist to become a competent,
integral part of the radiation oncology care team. To this end, we welcome you
to Allegheny Health Network’s Residency Program in Therapeutic Radiological Physics. More information about Allegheny Health Network is located on the Contact Us page.

About the program

Our program was awarded initial CAMPEP accreditation in March 2021. The residency is structured as a three-year training program, with two thirds dedicated to clinical training and one third to applied research and development. By the end of our program, physics residents will be ready to embark on a career in radiation oncology physics. They will be well prepared for their board examinations, and have experience in all the tasks required of a clinical physicist.

Our curriculum follows the recommendations of AAPM Report 249. Learning is structured as a hands-on apprenticeship and lectures, intended to support the resident in incrementally acquiring core competence to practice radiation oncology physics independently.

Residents will work through a series of clinical competencies and rotations including:

  • Clinical Orientation and Patient Management
  • Teletherapy Delivery
  • Instrumentation and Dosimetry Protocols
  • Teletherapy Treatment Planning I – 3D CRT
  • Brachytherapy Commissioning and QM, Delivery, and Treatment Planning
  • Teletherapy Treatment Planning II – IMRT/SBRT
  • Patient-specific Physics Services
  • Information Systems / EMR
  • Imaging for Simulation, Planning, Treatment Verification
  • Administrative and Professional
  • Clinical Program Development
  • Radiation Safety and Regulatory
  • Teletherapy Commissioning and QM
  • Special Procedures: IVBT, LDREye Plaques, TBI, TSET, GammapodTM, Gamma KnifeTM and Linac-based Cranial SRS/SRT
  • Clinical Research & Clinical Service