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Coronavirus Vaccine

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Expanded eligibility: Anyone age 12 and older can now schedule and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Faculty and Support Staff

West Penn Hospital School of Nursing Administration and Support Staff

Amy Stoker PhD RN

Director, West Penn Hospital School of Nursing
Office: (412) 478-5535

Brenda Smith PhD RN

Assistant Director, West Penn Hospital School of Nursing
Office: (412) 578-5754

Sue Lebanik

Administrative Coordinator
Office: (412) 578-5586

Diana Wright

Department Receptionist
Office: (412) 578-6981

Lorena Romero-Prato

Admissions Coordinator
Office: (412) 578-5538

Sarah Loomis

Financial Aid Director
Office: (412) 578-5530

Rosanna Sarantinoudis

Student Account Associate
Office: (412) 578-5537


Karlie Bailey, MSN RN

Anita Barisone MSN RN CRNP

Nursing Instructor

Linda Burke MSN, RN

Nursing Instructor

Meghan Canose

Nursing Instructor

Cheryl Cappurccini MSN RN RNC-LRN

Nursing Instructor

Serene Chamberlain MSN RN

Nursing Instructor

Dennis Collins MSN Ed RN CFN, MBA

Nursing Instructor

Jack Dean MSN RN

Nursing Instructor

Eric Dietrick, MSN RN

Nursing Instructor

Margaret Leicht, MSN MEd RN

Nursing Instructor

Tracy O’Brien MSN, RN

Nursing Instructor

Amanda Sherman, MSN RN

Nursing Instructor

Aleksandra Stojanovic MSN RN

Nursing Instructor

Brittany Tomsic MSN RN

Nursing Instructor