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Allegheny General Hospital

Patient Safety & Quality of Care

Allegheny General Hospital is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment of care for our patients, visitors and staff.

An effective environment of care is created when all staff members:
  •     identify, reduce and control environmental hazards and risks
  •     prevent accidents and injuries
  •     maintain and improve safe conditions

Everyone is encouraged to take an active part in the environment of care. One of the most important aspects of creating this environment is infection prevention, with hand washing/hand hygiene being the most important step to prevent the spread of infection. Everyone, including hospital staff and visitors, should perform hand hygiene either by using hand sanitizer or soap and warm water before entering and after exiting any patient room.

If you identify any unsafe condition or if you have any safety concern, please inform any member of your clinical care team, including your physician, the registered nurse who is providing your care, the nursing manager on your unit or any ancillary staff members. A patient representative is also available to discuss your concerns and can be reached by dialing extension 3233 from your hospital room.

You may also fill out a Patient Safety Suggestion Form from the suggestion boxes located at the nurses' stations throughout the hospital. AGH's Patient Safety Committee will review and address these suggestions. You may make your suggestion anonymously, but we encourage you to leave your name and telephone number so that somebody can contact you if your concern needs to be clarified. We always appreciate patients taking the time to inform us of any potential safety issues.

If you are unsure whether the concern you have is a safety issue, you are still encouraged to report it. Your involvement in the environment of care will help to make Allegheny General Hospital a safer place for everyone.

“Be Involved” Poster

In your room or in the waiting areas, you will see a poster that encourages you to “Be Involved” in your care. To help improve patient safety, patients are urged to BE INVOLVED! Everyone — physicians, healthcare workers, nurses and technicians — have a role in making healthcare safe. AGH joins organizations across the country in working to make patient safety a priority. You, as a patient, can also play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team.