Breast MRI at Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion

It’s normal to be nervous if you find a lump in your breast. We understand your concern, and with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology, we give you the definitive answers you need.

If your physician recommends further testing after a mammogram or physical examination, we help you get answers as quickly as possible. Our radiology department offers breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and stereotactic mammography to determine the exact cause of the problem.

Why choose Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion for your breast MRI?

Our radiological experts offer the compassionate care you need to get answers quickly. When you come to Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion for your breast MRI, you benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge technologies: Both breast MRI and stereotactic mammography use the latest technologies to help pinpoint and identify any breast abnormalities.
  • Minimally invasive approach: Stereotactic breast biopsy offers a less invasive way to take tissue samples for further analysis.
  • Breast cancer expertise: Our specialists have considerable experience differentiating breast cancer from other benign, or noncancerous, breast conditions.

Breast MRI at Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion

Breast MRIs use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed pictures of internal breast structures. This noninvasive test does not use ionizing radiation, and the magnetic field is not harmful to most people. However, MRI scans may interfere with some types of medical equipment. Tell your physician if you use medical devices to treat any other conditions.

Skilled technicians in our radiology department use breast MRIs to:

  • Screen women at high-risk for breast cancer
  • Further evaluate suspicious areas on mammograms or other breast cancer screening tests
  • Determine the extent of cancer after a diagnosis
  • Assess lumpectomy (partial breast removal) sites after breast cancer surgery
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments such as chemotherapy 
  • Evaluate silicone breast implants for rupture or other complications

Stereotactic mammography

If examinations detect a lump, your physician may recommend a breast biopsy to further evaluate the suspicious tissue. During a stereotactic breast biopsy, your physician uses mammography to help precisely locate any abnormalities and remove a sample for further testing.

A mammogram uses low-dose X-rays to create pictures inside the breast. Using this technology, your physician guides a thin, hollow needle to the abnormality. Then, your physician removes a small tissue sample for further evaluation in our diagnostic laboratory.

Physicians often recommend stereotactic breast biopsies if other screening tests show abnormalities, including:

  • Suspicious masses
  • Areas of calcification
  • Breast tissue distortions
  • Unusual tissue changes
  • New calcium deposits or masses where you’ve previously had surgery

Stereotactic mammography is less invasive than other biopsy methods. You may also have less pain and scarring after your procedure. In many cases, this procedure takes less than one hour.

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