Allegheny Valley Hospital Community Care Network

At Allegheny Valley Hospital, we want you to get healthy — and stay that way. After you leave the hospital, our team works with you in managing your health and recovery so you can avoid returning to the hospital.

Community care network

Your care doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. Our Community Care Network provides ongoing follow-up services, helping you stay healthy and out of the hospital. We offer:

  • Comprehensive follow-up care: One of our team members — a nurse, dietitian, or social worker — reaches out to you after discharge to provide the services you need to help you stay well and independent in your home.
  • Phone or home visit: We are available via phone for any of your questions or concerns after you leave the hospital. When necessary, we can send health care providers to your home to provide care.
  • Communication with your primary care provider (PCP): We are in touch with your PCP so we can continue to provide seamless care once you’ve returned home.

Community care network: Services we provide

Our services cover many chronic conditions, such as lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and diabetes. Services include:

  • Health education regarding your medication regimen, answering questions about dosages and side effects
  • Assistance with needs at home, including getting assistive or adaptive equipment for the house
  • Review of your eating plan to make sure you are eating a nutritious, balanced diet tailored to your needs

Allegheny Valley Hospital community health care

We work to keep our community healthy. Part of our community outreach efforts include:

  • Community cancer screenings
  • Health fairs, including on-site health fairs at employers’ places of business
  • Large occupational medical program, with approximately 900 companies and employers in the area using our services for performing pre-employment testing and worker’s compensation evaluations

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