Women's Health Services at Canonsburg Hospital

We tailor our care to meet women’s needs. The services at Canonsburg Hospital are part of the Women’s Health Program at Allegheny Health Network (AHN). You’ll find the full spectrum of care, with a focus on prevention to help you stay healthy.

Women's health services at Canonsburg Hospital: Why choose us?

Count on us for leading-edge pregnancy care, heart health services, surgery, and behavioral health care. We are here to help you feel your best and take care of yourself. At Canonsburg, you'll find:

  • Experienced team: You receive care from a team of experts who are focused on women’s health needs. We work together to address any concerns you have and help keep you healthy. 
  • Advanced mammogram technology: We offer 3D mammography, which provides better visualization of the breast tissue. This method helps us detect cancer at the earliest stage when it is easier to treat.
  • Skilled breast surgery: Our gynecology-trained breast surgeon provides expert, specialized care for women who need breast diagnosis and surgery. We discuss all of your surgical options with you, including reconstructive surgery, so you are informed and feel confident in your health care decisions. 

Women's health at Canonsburg Hospital: Services we provide

Our team provides a wide range of services for women, including:

  • Well visits: These visits focus on prevention and include Pap tests, gynecological exams, and breast exams. We also take time to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Learn more about well-woman care at AHN.
  • Pregnancy care: Our team works with you to have a healthy pregnancy. You’ll find the services you need, from ultrasounds and prenatal checkups to birth and postnatal care. Find out more about pregnancy and newborn services at AHN.
  • Menopause: Turn to our team for personalized care and support during the perimenopause and menopause stages. We help you navigate the transition as comfortably and easily as possible. We also offer bone density screening to help prevent fractures. 
  • Gynecological surgery: You’ll find expert gynecologic care for conditions such as fibroids or prolapse (slipping or dropping of pelvic organs). Our team performs minimally invasive procedures using sophisticated technology. We treat any concern you have so you feel better and can return to your life. 
  • Cancer services: The Cancer Institute at AHN provides care for all types of cancer — including those that affect women, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. 

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