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Cardiovascular Care at AHN Grove City

Patients at AHN Grove City have access to expert cardiologists as well as advanced, accurate diagnostic tools to identify heart problems. And when we identify those problems, we have the capability to treat them effectively.

Cardiac care at AHN Grove City: Why choose us?

AHN Grove City is a vital part of the AHN Cardiovascular Institute, which features a team of expert physicians across our network dedicated to caring for conditions like heart failure and heart attack, as well as pursuing advances in preventive medicine to keep your heart healthy.

At AHN Grove City, we have the diagnostic tools to identify cardiovascular conditions and make sure you receive the best possible treatment. We offer:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). A noninvasive, simple, and painless test that monitors the heart’s electrical activity.
  • Holter monitor. You wear the monitor for 24-48 hours to monitor the heart during daily activities, giving us better insight into your heart’s overall function.
  • Event monitor. For patients experiencing persistent cardiac events, this monitor records information about each event for one month.
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitor. About the size of mobile phone, it records changes in your blood pressure throughout the day.
  • Stress test. You jog briefly on a treadmill while connected to a monitor. We record images before and after the activity to get an accurate report on the heart’s condition.
  • Low-risk cardiac catheterization. A thin, flexible tube is inserted in a blood vessel and directed to the heart. This reveals your heart’s pumping ability, blood flow, blocked arteries, valve defects, and damage to the heart muscle.

Cardiac rehabilitation and therapy

After a cardiac event — such as a heart attack — we offer a 12-week rehabilitation program to help you return to more normal activities. You’ll exercise under the direct supervision of specially trained nurses. Additionally, we develop an individualized plan for your lifestyle, fitness, and diet to help you avoid further cardiac issues.

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Call (724) 450-7055 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about AHN Grove City cardiovascular care.

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