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Arriving at West Penn Hospital

When the big day arrives, you will want to know well ahead of time where to enter the hospital and where you should park. Your directions will vary slightly based on whether you will be having a planned delivery (via caesarian or induced labor) or a natural birth.

If you are in labor, or were directed by your doctor to come to West Penn Hospital for care and you are NOT coming for a scheduled caesarean or induced labor:

  • You will enter the hospital through the West Penn Hospital Tower Ambulance Entrance on South Millvale Avenue. Do NOT use the parking garage. Your partner/driver may drive up to the Emergency entrance and assist you into the building.
  • The OB Safety nurse will meet you at the door, where you will be assisted into a wheelchair and taken to the Labor and Delivery department on the 5th floor.
  • Your partner/driver will be given a parking pass that will allow him/her to access the private parking lot across the street. This is temporary parking so that your partner may join you and be present during your initial evaluation in Labor and Delivery.
  • Once you are “settled” enough for your partner to leave you for a few minutes, please have him or her move the car to the parking garage located on South Millvale Avenue.
  • After the car is parked, your partner should bring the pass back to the Security office
  • Your partner will be directed to the 5th floor, where he/she will join you.

If you are scheduled for a caesarean section, or for an induced labor:

  • Please park your car in the parking garage, located on South Millvale Avenue. Walk across the skywalk on the 2nd floor and proceed to the information desk at the end. If the doors at the end of the skyway do not open automatically, press the button to the right of the doorway to gain entry.
  • If a greeter is not present, you are welcome to use one of the wheelchairs available there.
  • Proceed down the hallway following the letter “E” on the walls
  • Take the E elevators to the 5th floor - Labor and Delivery.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

  • Lorrie A. Just, BSN, RNC-
    Manager, Labor & Delivery/Antepartum
    (412) 578-5357
  • Shelley Gibson, BSN, RN, IBCLC, CBE
    Manager, Maternal Child Support Operations
    (412) 578-7030
  • Lia Stark, BSN, RNC-OB
    Manager, Mother-Baby
    (412) 578-5453

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