About Your Stay at Wexford Hospital

At Wexford Hospital, we treat all patients with kindness and respect. Our staff is always ready to help you with any request. 

If you have special communication needs, we can request English as a second language (ESL) and foreign language translators, or use a translator phone that interprets more than 200 languages. Please ask your nurse for help.

During your stay

All of Wexford Hospital’s patient rooms are private rooms, to enhance your comfort and privacy. Each room has a private bathroom, bedside stand, closet, and tray table. To keep your valuable items safe, please leave them at home.

You will have:

  • A hospital bed with side rails for your safety.
  • Controls to raise, lower, or adjust your bed.
  • A call button that rings for the nurse.
  • Free television, Wi-Fi, and hospital phone.


You and your guests can use the Internet, with our free Wi-Fi at AHN-guest.

Hospital security

Hospital security officers are on duty 24/7. Call them at (878) 231-5000 if you have car problems or any other security or safety issues.


We welcome your visitors, but our top concern is your health, rest, and recovery. All visitors must use hand sanitizer when they enter or leave a patient room and follow any posted special precautions for infection control. View our visitation hours page for visiting hours and safety protocols to ensure patient safety.

AHN Wexford is focused on our patients and their families. Family support is important part of your health care journey, so families are welcome to visit as they like. However, visitation may be adjusted based upon the patient’s health or other circumstances.

  • One person is allowed to sleep in the patient’s room overnight, if desired.
  • Only two visitors, with proper armband, are allowed in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit); one may stay overnight.
  • Children, ages 12 and under, must always be accompanied by an adult. They can also visit Austin’s Playroom, to enjoy child-sized activities under supervision.

Nursing staff may restrict visitation if necessary for clinical care or patient safety

Serenity spaces

The hospital meditation room provides a space for anyone to experience quiet contemplation. We also have a roof garden for visitors to enjoy the healing power of nature.

Food service for patients and guests

We want you to enjoy your meals while you are here, so we maintain quality, cleanliness, and courtesy.

Patient meals are served throughout the day. If required, your meals may be delayed for care or testing.

  • Breakfast: 7:15 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Lunch: 11:15 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Dinner: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

We will give you a menu to choose your meals, including snacks, drinks, spreads, and sweeteners. A Food Service Associate will visit you between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM each day to take your order for lunch and dinner.

If you do not receive a menu or need anything else, please call Food and Nutrition Services at (878) 231-5151. We want you to be completely happy with your meals.

An explanation of special diets can be provided by a registered dietitian. These diets include heart healthy, vegan, diabetic, low sodium, soft and mechanical soft texture. Please tell your food service associate if you:

  • Are on a special diet, for medical, personal, or religious reasons.
  • Have any allergies or dislikes.
  • Have trouble chewing or swallowing.
  • Prefer double or half-sized portions.
  • Receive a supplement (milkshake or nutritional drink) and do not like it.
  • Need an evening snack.
  • Are unhappy with your meal and want a substitute.
  • Have any issues with language, hearing, or vision that make it difficult for you to order.
  • Need help from a family member.

For your guests

Your guests are welcome to eat in the hospital's cafeteria or in your room with you. They can request a guest tray from your patient menu, and pay in advance in the cafeteria:

  • Breakfast - $5
  • Lunch - $7
  • Dinner - $7

The Wexford Café  is on the Second Floor. Menus and hours are posted at the cafeteria entrance.

Wexford Café — (878) 231-5285
Dial-A-Menu — (412) 578-5780
Coffee Bar — (878) 231-5290

More services

If you have questions about sending or receiving mail, check with your nurse.

Flowers and plants are delivered directly to your room. If you are in a critical care unit, you can’t have flowers, so we’ll give them to your family or support person.

ATMs are on the first floor, Level 1.

Books and magazines may be borrowed through the Volunteer Services Department at (878) 231-5155. They are donated to the hospital and do not need to be returned.

Lost items can be reported to the nurse manager on your unit or the Security Office at (878) 231-5000.

Faith-based services are available through the Volunteer Services Department at (878) 231-5155.

The Gift Shop has gifts, magazines, cards, beverages, and snacks.

Ensuring the quality of your care

Our Department of Patient and Guest Services identifies and acts upon issues raised by hospital patients and guests and takes steps to make improvements. We’re here to solve your problems and represent your interests, so don’t hesitate to call (878) 332-4050 during regular business hours. You can also notify the unit supervisor if a situation requires immediate attention.

After your discharge, you’ll receive a mailed or emailed survey at home. Please complete and return the survey. Your comments help us evaluate and improve our services.

Social service and care management

Professionally trained social workers can help you and your family with crisis intervention, counseling, and any problems related to discharge planning such as rehab, follow-up care, home health nursing, or community resources.

Shortly after you are admitted, a social worker or care manager will meet with you to assess your needs, explain your choices, and work with you on a safe transition plan from hospital to home.

You can also ask your nurse to arrange for you to speak with a Care Manager.

Preparing for discharge

Your doctor, nurse, and care manager will work with you and your family to determine when you’re well enough to leave the hospital. We’ll keep you informed and meet with you to give you final post-discharge instructions. We want you to understand your discharge plan and will address any questions you may have.

Based on your needs, you may be discharged home with or without supportive services. You may need further treatment at a post-acute care facility or rehabilitation location.

Your social worker and/or care manager will help you and your family set up a discharge plan and schedule any transportation, if needed.

Leaving the hospital

Departure on the day of discharge is usually planned before 11:00 AM. You should arrange for a family member or friend to drive you when you leave the hospital.

When  you have a discharge time, collect your personal belongings, and ask your nurse to get anything you may have secured in the hospital safe. Check your bedside stand, closet, and bathroom so you don’t leave anything behind. Any doctor-ordered prescriptions and medical equipment, such as a walker, will be delivered to your room.

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