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Jefferson Hospital

Patient Safety & Quality of Care

As a patient, it is your right to expect the delivery of safe care in a hospital environment. Patient safety and improving patient safety initiatives are the responsibility of the Patient Safety Committee and all employees at Jefferson Hospital.

For the safety of our patients, visitors and staff, the following are prohibited at this facility:

  • The possession of firearms, weapons and explosives
  • The unauthorized taking of photographs or video/audio recordings
  • The use of tobacco products, illegal drugs, alcohol or smoking

If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions relative to the safety of care or the hospital environment, please call the Patient Safety Officer at 412-469-7040.

Patient Falls

Your safety is our first priority. Medications, unfamiliar surroundings, tests or surgery may make you feel weak or unsteady on your feet. In order to minimize the possibility of an unexpected fall, remember to call for assistance when getting out of bed or going to the bathroom.

Emergency Drills

To enhance your safety, Jefferson Hospital periodically conducts emergency drills for a fire or other disaster. When you hear a drill announcement, please stay where you are until the end of the drill and remain calm. In the event of an actual emergency, a nurse or other hospital representative will provide special instructions or assistance.


Security services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Jefferson Hospital for the benefit of patients, visitors and employees. Security guards routinely patrol the facilities and grounds. If your visitors need escort service to a parked vehicle or other assistance, contact the Security at ext. 5072 or the operator at "0."

Non-Smoking, Tobacco-Free Environment

Jefferson Hospital provides a safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and employees. We believe that a non-smoking, tobacco-free environment supports our mission as a healthcare provider to improve the health of the region. We respect the individual's right to choose to use tobacco products. However, we appreciate, in return, respect of our decision to prohibit the use of tobacco products on all medical center property.

If you have a desire to smoke or anticipate difficulty complying with the non-smoking, tobacco-free environment, please speak with your nurse/physician. The medical center provides access to tobacco cessation support services. For information, call 412-881-2255.