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Consistent Care for Chronic Conditions

Our Chronic Care Specialty Center is among the first of its kind. We deliver personalized treatment, with innovative methods, for meeting the unique care needs for those that struggle with chronic conditions.

A team you can count on

Patients with chronic conditions can face unique challenges. Our team of professionals meet daily, allowing them to quickly adjust your plan, in the event that you have changing needs.

Support within reach

Patients living with a chronic disease can have difficulty keeping their symptoms under control. We work with you to develop treatment goals, to make lasting changes that improve your well-being.

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Chronic diseases are persistent, but can change over time. We work with you to develop treatment goals to help you get and stay better.


Thoughtful Assessment

We ask you about your health history and perform a physical exam. We also look at your health information, including previous test results.


Trusted Treatment

We recommend the treatments and services that can help you get healthier and lower your risk of complications.

Coordinated Care

Coordinated Care

When your symptoms are properly managed, you can rely on the consistent, expert care from you AHN primary care physician (PCP).

Why Choose Us?

Our Chronic Care Specialty Center combines proven care practices with a team approach. These efforts help you achieve better symptom control. And when your symptoms are under control, you feel better and have a lower risk of complications.

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Timely Care

We get to know you as a person, which helps us customize your treatments. For example, if you show signs of depression during an office visit, you may be able to receive care from a psychologist at that time.

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Pioneering Efforts

We are establishing new care methods for treating chronic disease. We consistently apply these methods in each patient interaction, allowing you to benefit from the latest scientific developments.

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