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Breathe Easier

When you can’t breathe, even simple tasks become a challenge. Luckily, our lung doctors (pulmonologists) can help you get much-needed relief.


Highly skilled physicians

AHN pulmonologists complete rigorous training in breathing disorder care. This allows them to tailor treatments to meet patients changing needs. They also help lung disease patients manage symptom flare-ups, without going to the hospital.

Serving Pittsburgh’s unique needs

Poor air quality in the Pittsburgh area means that many people face a higher risk for problems like asthma. The environment also makes it difficult for people with COPD to achieve the same results from standard treatments. Our specialized care and support is uniquely tailored to meet these environmental factors.

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Our pulmonologists treat a broad range of lung diseases. We also work alongside other AHN specialists so that patients know that expert care is just a breath away.

Advanced asthma care

Advanced asthma care

We offer new treatments, including biologic therapies and bronchial thermoplasty reducing episodes of severe symptoms (asthma attacks).

Support for COPD patients

Support for COPD patients

Specialized nurse navigators stays in touch with you between appointments to help you avoid symptom flare-ups and help you stay on track.

Lung diseases we treat

Lung diseases we treat

We provide treatments for pneumonia, tuberculosis, interstitial lung disorders, lung nodules, pulmonary embolisms, as well as occupational lung diseases.

Avoid multiple visits

The Breathing Disorders Center helps patients find support in a centralized location. This facility offers a new level of convenience with many of the services you need, including a pharmacy, lab testing, and multiple medical specialties, all in one place.

Pulmonary rehabilitation services

Your AHN Pulmonologist will work with a multidisciplinary team of Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, and Physical Therapist to improve your quality of life and safely restore you to your highest level of functioning.

Why Choose Us?

We treat a broad range of lung diseases, including COPD and asthma. We offer access to the latest tests and treatments, which leads to exceptional care. And our team approach means you benefit from the knowledge of multiple specialists in fewer office visits.

Coordinated Care

Coordinated care

Our pulmonologists, pharmacists, and nurses work together to coordinate your care so you can focus on feeling better. We also offer many of the services you need, including testing, treatments, and a pharmacy, in one convenient location. 


Nationally recognized

We lead a nationally recognized fellowship program with a reputation for rigorous clinical training that attracts future pulmonology experts to learn with us. Physicians leading the fellowship program use the same high standards in caring for each one of our patients.


Specialized testing

One way we assess problems deep within the lungs is by using navigational bronchoscopy. During navigational bronchoscopy, we use sophisticated technology to assess hard-to-reach areas. These tools also allow us to take tissue samples for additional testing

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