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MyChart Health Screening

When was your last health screening? 

The answer to that question depends largely on a variety of criteria: age, risk factor, and predisposition are a few things we use to help screen. There are many conditions you can be screened for, but we often don’t prioritize health screenings as much as we should. A healthy lifestyle is a good defense, but there are still many diseases we simply cannot foresee. 

Allegheny Health Network provider Dr. Reynolds is working to close the gap in preventative health screenings. Over the past several months, he’s been using data from our Electronic Health Record system to automate the process by which patients are reminded of applicable screenings. “If we see that you’re overdue for something, we’ll have a system in place to reach out to you. Then you can schedule right then and there.”

While the ultimate goal is patient outreach, Dr. Reynolds also wants these reminders to encourage information exchange between providers and patients. “When you receive a reminder in error that you’re overdue for your flu shot but already got one, just message your provider to let them know you got it on such and such date — they’ll update your chart for you.” 

Although the scope of this automated screening outreach is currently small, there are other avenues being explored. From colonoscopy screenings to post-op questionnaires, MyChart is a platform AHN will continue utilizing to empower patients to be as tuned into their health as possible. “We have all the technology in place — now it’s time to start fitting the pieces together.”