Thursday, September 02, 2021

Roy A Hunt Foundation Supports Allegheny Health Network Program for Wellness and Economic Opportunity in Bellevue, PA

 The funds support construction of a greenhouse, which will serve as key component of the future experiential learning and horticulture space

PITTSBURGH—Grant funds from the Roy A. Hunt Foundation will help Allegheny Health Network (AHN) reimagine a portion of the campus at Suburban General as a community greenspace and urban farming site. AHN is collaborating with Northgate School District and other community partners to create an ecosystem that supports innovative health and science programming with students and teachers.

The greenhouse will serve as an experiential learning site that supports hands on learning about the earth sciences and provides an intro to concepts like business math, economics, horticulture, and agritech. The re-envisioning of the greenspace will also support physical fitness activities and connection to behavioral wellness experts at AHN.

“We are very excited to partner with the Roy A. Hunt Foundation to bring this valuable program to fruition,” said Allie Quick, Chief Philanthropy Officer at AHN. “Supporting the total wellness of young people and creating career pathways that will help make the next generation of community residents more economically secure is one example of how organizations can work together to build a healthier Pittsburgh region.“

This is the first time the Roy A. Hunt Foundation has supported AHN and the program fits closely with their core mission and areas of interest.

“The Roy A. Hunt Foundation is pleased to invest in such an innovative initiative,” said Jenny Kelly, Executive Director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation. “We support organizations that contribute to healthy, thriving neighborhood communities and a greener environment, as well as strategies that create opportunity for at-risk youth. This program has elements of both commitments, and we hope this seed funding will help this initiative and its beneficiaries grow and flourish.”

The greenhouse and youth programing is part of a larger effort by AHN to reinvent the Allegheny General Suburban campus from legacy asset to driver of innovation, economic opportunity, and community health.

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About the Roy A Hunt Foundation
The Roy A Hunt Foundation supports organizations that strive to improve the quality of life and believes in the importance of strong leadership, community-driven partnerships, and innovative ideas. Their funding focuses on programs that advance youth violence prevention, community development, the environment and international development. Learn more at

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