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Care for Parkinson's Disease Under One Roof

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) and the Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania have created the Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care, designed to help patients with Parkinson’s disease and their families more seamlessly access and coordinate the clinical and support services they require.

The Cahouet Center uniquely combines AHN’s world-class medical expertise with the invaluable resources of the Parkinson Foundation under one roof, creating a multi-disciplinary program that addresses the changing needs of Parkinson’s patients over time. It provides patients with a single point of contact to address any questions or concerns that may arise following diagnosis, along with individualized care plans coordinated by the Parkinson Foundation.

Coordinated Approach Enhances Patient Care

The Center provides on-site access to AHN’s neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other clinicians with special expertise in treating Parkinson’s, as well as clinical research trials of new therapies being explored for the disease. During the initial appointment, the person with Parkinson's disease can be evaluated by a movement disorders specialist, speech, occupational and physical therapists, psychologist, social worker, nutritional, and exercise specialists – all in one setting. The clinical care team reviews each case and develops a comprehensive care strategy based on the specific needs of the patient and family. Then, Cahouet Center staff identifies appropriate allied medical and health professionals in the patient’s community to assist with the recommended care plan and follows- up with the patients on a regular basis to monitor progress and assist with any challenges they may have encountered. The Cahouet Center also hosts support groups, exercise classes and educational programs.

Our team of experienced professionals at the Center includes:

  • Neurologists and neurosurgeons who specialize in movement disorders
  • LSVT BIG®-certified physical and occupational therapists and LSVT LOUD®-certified speech therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Exercise specialists


The Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson's Care features the following accomplished physicians:


For more information about the Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson's Care, view our press release.