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Introducing MyChart

Allegheny Health Network and your doctor invite you to securely access your health information online!

When you are invited to join MyChart, you will be able to send messages to your doctor, request appointments, view your test results, request prescription renewals, pay your medical bills, and more – all from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Customers with MyChart accounts can now pay their bills anytime, 24/7, using our automated phone system by calling (844) 801-8400.

You can sign up for MyChart after a visit with your Allegheny Health Network provider.

Take charge of your own health and securely access the information you need most, when and where you need it.

What can I do with MyChart?

Communicate with your doctor

MyChart connects you with your doctor online. No more leaving a message and waiting to hear back - now you can communicate and ask health questions from the comfort of your own home.

Access your health chart

With MyChart, you can view summaries of your visits, and track your current health issues, medications, and medical history.

View your test results

Now you can view your test results within days, without waiting for a phone call or letter. You can search MyChart’s Health Library to learn more about your tests and understand your results.

Make appointments

Arrange new problem visits or follow-ups when it’s convenient for you! You will be able to request appointments and choose the dates and times that work best. You’ll also receive routine wellness reminders on MyChart, and you can schedule appointments directly from those.

Find Care Now & On My Way

Now you can check AHN locations to compare wait times for Emergency Departments and Urgent Care locations and notify us when you are on your way.

Request prescription renewals

Now you can send messages to your doctor to renew your prescriptions as soon as you need them.

Pay your health bills

Use MyChart to pay your out-of-pocket costs online on one consolidated monthly bill. You can securely access your previous billing statements and receive electronic alerts when you have upcoming payments or new statements available.

Customers with MyChart accounts can also pay their bills anytime, 24/7, using our automated phone system by calling 1.844.801.8400

Sign Up for MyChart

When you visit your Allegheny Health Network provider, you’ll be invited to sign up for MyChart. If you choose to sign up, you will receive an activation code either by email or on your visit summary. This code will enable you to sign in and create your own username and password.

Click the “Sign Up Now” button on the top of this page to enter your activation code and start using MyChart today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more? Visit MyChart for answers to more detailed questions about how to use it.

Who can sign up for MyChart?

Patients who are 18 years of age and older can receive an activation code and sign up for a MyChart account. Get your activation code today from your Allegheny Health Network provider.

Will I see all of my health information on MyChart?

Our new single electronic health record system connects you with your caregiver and helps Allegheny Health Network continue to deliver the high quality, accessible health care you’ve always counted on. You may not see all of your health information in MyChart if your doctor hasn't started using the new system.

Remember, even if you don't see all of your health information online, you can be confident that your doctor does!

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Our dedicated MyChart Support Team is here to answer your questions. Email with your name, date of birth, and a phone number where we can reach you. You can also find quick answers to your questions in the MyChart FAQs.

Is MyChart secure?

Absolutely – the same laws that protect your privacy with paper charts apply to electronic health records. To access your health information through MyChart, you need to be assigned a secure activation code, verify your identify with our records, and create your own secure username and password that only you control.

Not seeing the MyChart email?

Your email client’s spam filter might be placing your AHN MyChart email in your junk folder.

In order to find it, please go to your Junk folder and look for your MyChart email from AHN:


  • Highlight the MyChart email or open it and choose "Report not spam"


  1. Go to your junk folder and right click on the MyChart
  2. Hover over the “Junk” option and select "Not Junk"


  1. Navigate to Yahoo Mail, log in to your Yahoo account and click the "Spam" folder. Junk emails are stored in this folder
  2. Highlight the MyChart email or open it
  3. Click the "Not Spam" button in the toolbox to immediately send the email to the Inbox folder

Note: If you are using an email service other than the three listed above; please Google: “Unmarking SPAM" + "Name of email service”. (e.g. Unmarking SPAM AOL)

Lastly, if you cannot find the AHN MyChart email, please verify that this is the email address that is associated with your MyChart account by going to: (Login required).

MyChart® Epic Systems Corporation