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AHN Patient Explains How MyChart Makes Things Easier

There’s a lot to keep track of in your life. Between errands, meetings, and to-do lists, it’s not always easy to keep it all straight.

For MyChart users, there are a few less things to worry about.

Courtney S. of Allison Park has only been using MyChart for a few months, and already notices the advantages. “There’ve been times I’ve thrown my appointment reminder away and forgotten to put it on my phone. In case I forget the exact time, I can look and see exactly when my appointment is.”

MyChart’s health reminders have come in handy, too. “It tells me when I’m due for something like a flu shot.”

It also helps patients remember important takeaways after their visits like special instructions and medication changes. MyChart centralizes your health information making it securely accessible to you 24/7. “If you’re wondering what they input during your appointment, you can look at all of that,” says Courtney. “It’s more reassuring to read something in print than having to remember a conversation.”

Sometimes you forget something you wanted to ask your doctor or need additional clarification. That’s where MyChart messaging comes in! Patients can send their doctor secure messages and no longer need to call the office or wait until their next visit to address their concerns. “I feel more confident when the answer comes from the big guy. He knows what he’s talking about and I feel at ease because I can talk to him directly,” Courtney says.

At the end of the day, MyChart users are in a position to manage their health more efficiently and effectively than ever before. As a user for just over four months, Courtney already agrees: “it’s just all around easier.”

If you’d like to ask your primary care physician a question, log in to MyChart and click the Communicate with your Provider button. You can also access your appointment summary after every visit by clicking the My Appt. Summaries under the Manage My Record tab.