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Need to download a copy of your health summary for your own record keeping?

MyChart makes it easy for your caregivers to access your past medical information, but there are advantages to that accessibility for you too.

MyChart features a convenient way to maintain your own copy of your medical summary with the Download My Record feature. In it, you can view a variety of historical data from your visits, which is also compiled in an overall health summary. This comes in handy particularly if you’re seeing a private physician, or need to bring a copy of your records elsewhere. Within your record, you can review your:

  • Current Medications
  • Allergies
  • Active Problems
  • Procedures
  • Results 

This feature gives you the flexibility to either view your records individually, or download them for your own record keeping purposes. What’s more: you can even send your records to another provider.

Here’s how to get started with the Download My Record feature: 

  1. Log into MyChart
  2. Click the Manage My Record tab, and select Download My Record from the menu
  3. From the Download My Record page, click the Visit Records section
  4. To simply review a record, click the View button
    • Once your record appears, you can select from the left hand panel either information from that specific visit, or your current overall health summary.
  5. To download a local copy to your device, select the Download button.
  6. To send the record to another provider, click the Send button, and search for the caregiver you’d like to have it sent to.