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Medical Records

Transfer previous medical records to the Allegheny Health Network

To request a transfer of your medical records from your previous provider to the Allegheny Health Network (“AHN”) for continuing care, please complete and sign this Authorization form. A list of AHN providers and their addresses can be found at https://doctors.ahn.org. There are several options available to you to ensure your records are transferred appropriately:

  • You may mail the signed form to your new AHN provider so that it can be processed as soon as possible, and AHN will obtain your medical records on your behalf; or
  • You may bring the completed form to your new AHN provider during your first visit, and AHN will then begin the process of requesting your records; or
  • You may return the completed form to your previous provider, and your records will then be transferred to AHN.

If you have not yet selected a new AHN provider, please contact the AHN Call Center at (412) 362-8677 or toll free at (844) 246-2778, or the Highmark MyCareNavigator at (888) 258-3428, for assistance in locating and selecting an AHN provider, and also for information concerning charges that may apply, as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) allows healthcare providers to charge patients reasonable prices for medical record reproduction.

Request copies of AHN medical records

To request copies of your medical records after discharge, ask to speak to Medical Records Correspondence section at your hospital.

There is no fee for release of medical records to doctors or healthcare facilities. But there is a fee associated with obtaining these records for personal use. Medical Records can discuss these fees with you when you call to request the release of your records.

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