About Us

The LifeFlight team is made up of individuals including flight nurses, flight paramedics, pilots, mechanics, communications specialists, and administrative support personnel

Flight Nurses

A minimum of five years of critical care experience is required for the position, and prehospital experience is required. At this time all LifeFlight nurses hold Pennsylvania Certified Pre-Hospital Registered Nurse or Paramedic certifications. Many of the nurses are active in their local community fire and EMS services. The nursing staff is required to hold advanced certifications, such as Certified Flight Nurse, Certified Emergency Nurse or Critical Care Registered Nurse. Additionally, all nurses are certified in ACLS, PHTLS and PALS requirements, and are all full-time employees.

Many of the functions of the medical crew are performed under advanced protocols including, surgical airways, rapid sequence intubation, pericardiocentesis, femoral IV access, inter-osseous lines, escharotimies, and other advanced techniques.

Flight Paramedics

LifeFlight paramedics have a minimum of 5 years of experience in progressive EMS system(s), certification as a Paramedic in Pennsylvania, and as a Flight Paramedic-Certified. LifeFlight paramedics must also have and maintain ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS/ITLS.


LifeFlight pilots come to us with excellent experience flying both civilian and military aircraft. Our staff currently consists of a chief pilot and 20 line pilots. Metro Aviation, Inc. is our operator for pilots, mechanics, and aircraft-related equipment.


Currently, Metro Aviation, Inc. provides a staff of seven mechanics who work around the clock to keep our four EC-145s fully operational. Our mechanics come from a variety of backgrounds, such as military and commercial aviation. Working out of our maintenance facility at Butler County Airport, the mechanics are able to deal with all of the routine work, inspections, and maintenance issues on site.

Communications Specialists

Our Communications Specialists receive all incoming requests for rotor and ground transportation for the LifeFlight department. At a minimum, the coordinators must hold a Pennsylvania EMT certification and have previous radio and dispatching experience. Our coordinators are an integral part of the LifeFlight program. They coordinate all aircraft information for inter-hospital and scene run patients for the medical crew, the medical command physician, and the receiving institution.

Support Personnel

Our administrative staff includes a Medical Director, Administrative Director, Chief Flight Nurse, Manager, Manager of Prehospital Operations, Aviation Site Manager, Lead Maintenance Technician, and Outreach Staff.

Metro Aviation, Inc. operates the 5 helicopters in the LifeFlight program.