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HIV Primary Care (Positive Health Clinic)

Testing positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can bring unexpected changes to your life. At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), you won’t face these changes alone. Our Positive Health Clinic uses a team approach to meet the medical, emotional, and practical needs of people living with HIV.

In our clinic, you will be cared for by people who understand this complex condition. We also provide advanced HIV testing and long term primary care based on your needs.

About human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

HIV is a condition that attacks your immune system, meaning you lose your ability to fight infections. Unlike other viruses that go away over time, the HIV virus will always be in your body. Good HIV care can help you stay healthy and lower your risk of developing complications, such as AIDS.

HIV is spread through sexual contact and sharing dirty needles. Anyone can become HIV positive. But you may face a higher risk if you have unprotected sex.

Comprehensive and compassionate HIV testing, treatment, and primary care

We are a Ryan White Care Act-funded program. So you can receive many of our specialized HIV care services regardless of your insurance coverage or ability to pay. Our social workers can provide detailed explanations about what benefits this funding covers.

It’s important to know that you can get high quality health care for HIV whether you have insurance or not. Our social workers and insurance experts can help you find affordable coverage if you do not have it.

With proper treatment, many HIV positive people live long, healthy lives. In fact, HIV positive people are living longer than ever thanks in part to new medications. And specialized support services can help you reclaim happiness and freedom from some of the challenges you may be facing. You’ll find these services at AHN.

At the Positive Health Clinic for HIV care, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Experience: AHN has provided primary care to thousands of people with HIV for more than 20 years. Our team is experienced in all aspects of HIV management. This expertise allows us to provide a high level of care.
  • Advanced testing and treatments: We offer the most effective HIV tests available to ensure a quick and precise diagnosis. We also use the latest medications (antiretroviral therapies, or ART) to slow the progression of HIV.
  • Prompt HIV care: We are committed to getting newly diagnosed people the care they need, as soon as possible. Our rapid treatment team streamlines the evaluation and treatment process, so patients can get their HIV, and their overall health, under control as quickly as possible.
  • Access to clinical trials: Our HIV specialists take part in research to find new ways to help people who are HIV positive. The on-site clinical trials we oversee help us offer you the best medications for your circumstances. They also give you access to new treatments before they become widely available. Read more about the AHN Research Institute.
  • Personal approach: Our team members develop genuine, long-term relationships with the people we serve. Our patients often say they feel like our clinic is a second home where they feel safe and cared for. In 2015, the National Committee for Quality Assurance named us a Patient Centered Medical Home. This designation means we use proven care practices and a team approach to coordinate all the tests and treatments you need. These efforts help you stay as healthy as possible.
  • Convenience: The clinic is open Monday through Friday, with evening hours at least once every month. Our providers also see patients monthly in nearby Aliquippa and Monroeville, for your convenience.
  • Extensive support: HIV can affect your life in many ways. We train our care team to help you handle any financial or social issues that may complicate your care. We can also connect you with HIV wellness classes, smoking cessation programs, and support groups to help you improve your overall health.

Our team approach to HIV care

It takes a village to effectively treat HIV — and our village is large. You receive services from specialists who have experience in meeting the needs of HIV patients. They work together to deliver the services you need and help you live a good quality of life.

Our HIV care team includes specialists in:

We also provide patient navigators. Our patient navigators are people living with HIV who can help you learn about HIV and how to live a healthy life. They can provide emotional support, attend appointments with you, and help you with housing and other social needs. They work closely with the rest of your care team to support you in reaching the goals you want to achieve in life.

HIV care through our Center for Inclusion Health

At our Center for Inclusion Health, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality health care. Our programs help reach underserved populations, including immigrants, transgender people, and homeless people.

To make it easier to get health care, our programs support people dealing with challenges like mental health, food and housing struggles, and substance abuse. We also teach our providers about the different cultural and health needs of the populations we serve. This training helps our patients receive coordinated, empathetic, and skilled care across our network.

Learn more about the services we offer through our Center for Inclusion Health.

HIV tests and treatments we offer

We provide HIV testing and services to help you manage the condition long term.

HIV testing

If you think you have HIV, we can get you answers in as little as 20 minutes with rapid HIV testing. If you are concerned about your partner's risk for HIV after unprotected sex, we offer partner testing. Our services also include counseling to help you understand what test results mean and the next steps in your care.

HIV care

We offer:

  • Rapid HIV treatment, with many people starting treatment within 72 hours of diagnosis, often the same day
  • Referral for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a daily HIV prevention medication for people at very high risk for HIV
  • High resolution anoscopy, advanced testing for people at high risk of anal cancer
  • Comprehensive HIV care, including treatment for people with Hepatitis C
  • Physician referrals for more specialized medical care when needed
  • Referral to clinical trials

General medical care

We perform screening tests to catch signs of other medical conditions that you may be at risk for, such as anal cancer. And if you get sick or injured, we are here to care for your needs.

We also offer:

  • Gynecologic care, including contraception and care through pregnancy
  • Mental health assessment, counseling, and support
  • Immunizations
  • Substance use screening and treatment, including on-site, medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders

Medications and medication counseling

Being HIV positive often means taking ART along with other medications. Our HIV pharmacists:

  • Help you learn which pills to take and when
  • Answer questions and show you how to get refills

Nutrition support

Treatment plans for HIV often involve support to help you get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Our registered dietitians give you personalized recommendations. For example, we may suggest smaller more frequent meals with nutrient-rich foods, including fish and vegetables.

Other support services

We help you live your best life with a broad range of support services that include:

  • Assistance with applications for medical insurance and benefit programs
  • HIV wellness classes and support groups
  • Patient advocacy and peer support
  • Transportation assistance
  • Smoking cessation programs where we help you quit smoking
  • Counseling services for mental health problems, such as depression
  • Case management for nonmedical needs


Federal North Medical Building (near Allegheny General Hospital)
1307 Federal Street
Suite B110
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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For information on HIV testing/HIV care: (412) 359-3360
If newly diagnosed with HIV: (412) 398-6768

Aliquippa Clinic
99 Autumn Street
Aliquippa, PA 15001
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For information on HIV testing/HIV care: (412) 359-3360
If newly diagnosed with HIV: (412) 398-6768

Forbes Family Medicine
2550 Mosside Boulevard
Suite 500
Monroeville, PA 15001
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For information on HIV testing/HIV care: (412) 457-1100 (ask for Positive Health Clinic scheduling)

Contact us

You can find out more about our HIV testing and care by contacting our Program Manager at (412) 359-8186. If you are newly diagnosed with HIV or need urgent HIV care, please call our RAPID line at (412) 398-6768.

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