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Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), we help you live your best life. Our Center for Complementary and Integrative Health offers services that promote your body’s natural ability to heal. Our holistic approach includes wellness services to help you feel your best.

More information about complementary therapies and integrative health

Complementary therapies are methods for preventing and treating illness, which include meditation, massage, and acupuncture. You receive these therapies in addition to traditional medical treatments, such as medications. You may also choose to use complementary therapies to improve your overall wellness.

Integrative health blends complementary therapies with traditional medical treatments. Our therapists work with your AHN physician team to help you get more out of each visit. If you have hip pain, for example, acupuncture or massage may loosen stiff muscles so that physical therapy sessions are less painful.

Our complementary therapies and integrative health services

AHN’s Center for Complementary and Integrative Health optimizes your well-being — mind, body, and spirit. These services are available in part thanks to generous support from the Suburban Health Foundation. Find out more about our integrative medicine services.

Our offerings include:

  • Complementary therapies: We provide a broad range of natural healing techniques. For example, we offer massage therapy to relieve the discomfort that comes with some cancer treatments.
  • Integrative health: We coordinate complementary therapies with conventional medical treatments, such as medications and procedures. Our integrative health specialists work alongside other members of your AHN care team to keep your treatment moving forward.
  • Wellness services: Our interest in helping people live healthier lives includes wellness services, such as nutrition evaluations. These holistic services may help you avoid health problems, such as heart disease. And if you are living with a health problem, our services may lower your risk of complications.

Conditions we treat using complementary therapies

Our physicians and therapists bring relief and restore wellness to people experiencing health problems.

We treat many conditions using complementary therapies and integrative health, including:

  • Autoimmune disorders, including lupus
  • Behavioral health issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Cancer
  • Digestive problems, such as acid reflux and diarrhea
  • Ongoing (chronic) pain from migraine headaches and arthritis
  • Sports injuries, including muscle strains and sprains
  • Women’s health issues, including pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), infertility, and post-menopausal symptoms

Our locations

Complementary therapies and integrative health services are available at:

Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) Suburban Campus

Access the full range of integrative medicine services, including integrative health assessments, nutrition evaluations, acupuncture, and meditation classes.

AGH Suburban is located at:
100 South Jackson Ave.
3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: (412)359-8951
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Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion

We offer easy access to some complementary therapies, including massage therapy.

Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion is located at:
12311 Perry Hwy.
Wexford, PA 15090
Phone: (412) 362-8677
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Contact us

Call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677 or request an appointment to learn more about AHN integrative medicine services.

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