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Complex Intracranial Surgery

Complex intracranial surgery is an innovative treatment approach for brain tumors and brain aneurysms. The team at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Neuroscience Institute was the first in western Pennsylvania to offer this minimally invasive brain surgery. We continue to pioneer advances in this surgery.

Our neurosurgeons access the brain through the eyelid. This approach can shorten recovery time and leave zero scarring while delivering exceptional results. Many patients report significant symptom relief within weeks after this brain surgery.

What is complex intracranial surgery?

In complex intracranial surgery, a neurosurgeon works closely with an ophthalmologist to perform a range of brain surgeries through a small incision in the eyelid. This less invasive procedure has shown particular benefits for treating brain tumors and aneurysms.

AHN neurosurgeons were the first in western Pennsylvania to offer this procedure when it became available. Today, our team continues to refine techniques for intracranial surgery, improving the effectiveness and reducing the toll on patients. Our team regularly teaches these new techniques to surgeons in the U.S. and around the world, so that more patients have the opportunity to benefit from this novel procedure.

Benefits of complex intracranial surgery

Our goal of brain surgery is to effectively treat the problem while protecting your brain, so you can continue to function normally after the procedure. With minimally invasive approaches such as complex intracranial surgery, our neurosurgeons help patients retain more physical and mental function and return to active lives after surgery.

Patients who undergo complex intracranial surgery instead of traditional brain surgery can benefit in multiple ways, with:

  • Significant symptom relief
  • Shorter surgery
  • Shorter recovery, with less pain
  • Minimal scarring

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