Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) perform more than 15,000 procedures every year, translating to an exceptional level of care. But the most important procedure is yours. From spine surgery to joint replacement, everything we do focuses on helping you get back to doing what you love.

Orthopaedic surgery at AHN: Why choose us?

We offer uncommon expertise that draws active people – including professional athletes – from all over western Pennsylvania. Our comprehensive approach combines exceptional surgical care with many services aimed at preventing future injuries.

We use the latest surgical technologies to treat complex problems, including joint pain. We were the first program in western Pennsylvania to use Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for hip and knee replacement surgery. This technology acts as an extension of the surgeon’s hands, offering unparalleled precision. We were also the first in Pennsylvania to use Exactech GPS® technology for shoulder replacement surgery. Find out more about robotic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery.

Orthopaedic surgery conditions and treatments

When nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy fail to bring relief, surgery can help you feel like yourself again.

Conditions we treat with orthopaedic surgery include:

Types of orthopaedic surgery available at AHN

Orthopaedic surgery is one of many treatments available at AHN. We make every effort to help you feel better with nonsurgical approaches, including injections and physical therapy. If these treatments aren’t successful, we recommend the surgery that’s best for you and explain how it can help. Find out more about orthopaedic and sports injury treatments.

At AHN, you have access to a broad range of surgical treatments. Common orthopaedic procedures include:

  • Arthroscopy: We use this technique to examine and repair joint problems, including shoulder and wrist pain. We access the joint through tiny incisions and fix problems using sophisticated instruments the size of a pencil. Find out more about arthroscopy.
  • Cartilage restoration: We use your own tissues (or donor tissues) to repair the cartilage within your knees. Depending on the extent of your cartilage damage, we may perform different procedures to repair your joint. Learn more about cartilage restoration.
  • Joint repair: We help you get relief from nagging pain by fixing the damaged portion of your joint. Repair procedures allow you to keep more of your natural joint tissue, which can help you get back to your favorite activities faster. Read more about joint repair.
  • Joint replacement: For pain that just won’t quit, we help you achieve lasting relief with joint replacement surgery. We remove the worn-out portion of the joint and replace it with a device made of metal and plastic. Learn more about joint replacement surgery.
  • Rotator cuff surgery: When you have a tear or your shoulder pain will not resolve with other treatment methods, we use this procedure to repair the damage to your shoulder tendons and anchor them back to your arm. Find out more about rotator cuff surgery.

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