Prehospital Care Services at Forbes Hospital

Forbes Hospital Prehospital Care Services Department provides medical direction, education and dedicated communications services (MedComm) to emergency medical service (EMS) providers in eastern Allegheny County and western Westmoreland County.

Forbes Neuro, STEMI and Trauma Alert System

Forbes Hospital enables EMS agencies to activate any Stroke, STEMI and/or Trauma alerts as they see fit. Our comprehensive QA system has routinely proven that EMS is more than able to “make the right call”.

For NEURO alerts, it only takes 1 positive finding on a Cincinnati Stroke Scale to activate. We also ask that the provider complete the Prehospital Lab kit as we will initiate point of care testing upon arrival.

For STEMI alerts, we request you “Call It When You See It”. As soon as you identify a STEMI, contact MedComm!

For TRAUMA alerts, we appreciate as much lead time as you are able to supply. We will be ready when you get here!

MedComm at Forbes Hospital

MedComm was established in 1985 as the first hospital-based emergency medical dispatch center in Western Pennsylvania. Serving surrounding communities for ambulance dispatch using the Clawson system for Emergency Medical Dispatch, MedComm gained notoriety for it's ability to use pre-arrival instructions and assigned response modes for the first time in our area.

Much has changed with MedComm over the years but our priority continues to be communications support of our local EMS providers. Presently, MedComm serves as the hub for medical command as well as notification to receiving hospitals for incoming patients. Additionally, MedComm provides internal support to the hospital for patient transportation, security and hospital operator responsibilities.

MedComm is staffed 24/7 by EMTs or paramedics and over the years has received recognition from local, regional and State authorities over the years for its involvement with large scale incidents over the past two decades.

MD 951 & MEDIC 952

Our Physician Response Unit (MD 951) and our Paramedic Response Unit (MEDIC 952) are available to respond to any emergency situation in our regional response area. We will bring highly trained providers and extra specialty equipment directly to you! Simply request us through your PSAP.

General Information: (412) 858-2121

Medical Command and ALS Notification: (412) 858-2335

Fax: 412.372.7378

Photo EKG:

MedComm also monitors the following radio frequencies 24/7:

  • 155.400 Mhz
  • 155.340 Mhz
  • Westmoreland 800
  • PA 800 Radio
  • Knowledge Center
  • FRED Alert System

Contact us

Forbes Hospital
2570 Haymaker Road
Monroeville, PA 15146

Chadd Nesbit, MD, PhD, FACEP
EMS Medical Director
(412) 359-5847

Jeffrey Wess, EMT-P
Prehospital Care Coordinator
(412) 858-7496

Tiffany Ann Rohde-Wyant, BA, NRP, CP-C, NCEE
Prehospital Care Coordinator
(814) 722-8562

Matt Lambert, NRP
Prehospital Business Development Specialist
(412) 266-2061