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New mask policy at AHN facilities

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Surgical ear loop masks, at a minimum, must be worn within all AHN facilities.  Cloth face masks are no longer permitted, as they do not provide the best level of protection against Coronavirus.

Prehospital Care Services at Jefferson Hospital

The Jefferson Hospital Prehospital Services program provides medical direction, education and a dedicated communications center to EMS providers in the southern part of the city of Pittsburgh.

Medical Command and ALS Notification: (412) 466-7888

Jefferson Hospital STEMI and Neuro Alert System

Jefferson Hospital enables EMS agencies to activate any Stroke and/or STEMI alerts as they see fit.

For NEURO alerts, it only takes 1 positive finding on a Cincinnati Stroke Scale to activate. As soon as you identify a possible stroke, contact the Communications Center.

For STEMI alerts, we request you “Call It When You See It”. As soon as you identify a STEMI, contact the Communications Center."

Contact us

Jefferson Hospital
565 Coal Valley Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Kip Jenifer, MD
EMS Medical Director
(412) 469-5308

Robert Rathi, EMT-P, CMTE
Prehospital Business Development Specialist
(724) 970-3716

Ryan Highlands
(412) 514-7263